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Discover new horizons in the open, colourful and natural landscape of Sweden’s Lapland. From coastline to mountain, through forests and woodlands, in lakes and rivers, around islands, inlets and sandy beaches, the landscape is an activity wonderland and begs to be explored whichever way you choose - on foot, by bike, on horseback, in a canoe, a kayak, or in a boat

Everything here is created by nature and the air is clean and pure. The best time to hike and explore is spring and during the Arctic summer, when the days are long and the sun shines uninterrupted for 100 days and nights. Sweden’s Lapland – a hiker’s paradise. Explore beaches and wrecks with a coastal hike at the Bjuroklubb Nature Reserve – a haven of walking paths, ancient relics and rock carvings.

Get off the beaten track and hike the spectacular STF Saltoluokta Fjallstation national park. End the day with a sauna in Saltoluokta.

Check out the eco-friendly Tree Hotel near Lulea. Tree rooms are suspended 4-6 metres above the ground with views of the Lule River.


Day 1 - Arrve Kiruna

Make Kiruna your base for five days of activities and adventure. Rent a car so you can explore the region fully. There are three World Heritage Sites – the church village of Gammelstad outside of Lulea, the Laponia area with its four national parks and two nature reserves, and the Struve Geodetic Arc in Jupukka nature reserve. All are great for hiking and exploring.


Day 2 - 4 - Activities and adventure

Follow an experienced guide on a beautiful canyon hike along waterfalls and potholes, with a visit below ground. The hike up along Gopasjohka offers beautiful views. Hike around the huge mountain faces and the giant boulders and rocks of the Karkevagge valley, where the fairy-tale landscape meets gentle green alpine meadows. Swim in Trollsjon, the clearest lake in Sweden, at the heart of this unique valley. Get friendly with the locals at the Sami Camp at Abisko. Take a tour around the camp, gather around a fire in the hut, sip coffee and eat reindeer meat and learn about their culture. Get close to nature with a backpack and tent and hike through the spectacular landscape along the King’s Trail from Tjaktjavaggi towards the Norwegian border. There are mountain cabins along the way and options for fishing. Follow the midnight sun. Take a chair-life up to Abisko and hike up to the peak of Nuolja, 1164 metres above sea level. Explore the forest trails and untouched wilderness of Jukkasjarvi on cross country bikes. Spot wild mooses, reindeer, Siberianjays and other wildlife along the way. Hike up Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden,the views at the top are breathtaking.


Day 05 - Depart

Breakfast at the hotel Check-out from the hotel.

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