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Paris to Nice and Montecarlo

Paris to Nice and Montecarlo


Spend time soaking up the best of Paris including a whole day to wander around the Louvre and then time to marvel at the grand palace of Versailles, before heading south to soak up the sunshine of the French Riviera. Paris is the magical city of Light and you certainly won’t want to miss a beautiful cruise along the Seine at night – get ready for some romantic moments!

From the lights of Paris to the glitz and glam of the French Riviera, this is the tour to take if you want to experience the best of Paris and the beauty of the second-smallest country in the world – Monaco.

  • Paris to the French Riviera
    See some of the art world’s greatest masterpieces at the Louvre.
  • Explore the wide boulevards and pastel wedding-cake buildings of Nice.
  • Use Cannes as a base to browse more than 100 museums and 50 art galleries along the Riviera.


Day 1 - Paris

Check in to the hotel and enjoy the city. The City of Lights is unlike any other place on earth. Known for its glorious monuments, museums and markets, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, Montmartre to the Marais, Paris has something for everyone. Discover for yourself Paris - “je ne sais quoi.” Climb to the top of Arc de Triomphe for some of the best views of the city, or take the elevator up the Eiffel Tower. Visit the great cathedral of Notre-Dame, which sits along the banks of the Seine. Eat well at a five-star restaurant or a humble bistro, and take time to window shop along the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Spend an afternoon wandering Montmartre and imagining what it was like when the lure of this ancient area of Paris lured artists, writers, painters, musicians, sculptors, and architects to inspire their works of art. Take a walking tour of the Sacre-Coeur rising above Montmartre and climb the 234spiralling steps that lead you to the basilica’s dome – there is a spectacular view of the city from here. Make time to simply enjoy some of the city’s finest eateries and window shop at your leisure.

Day 2 - Paris – Louvre

Get the most out of the Louvre – the most famous art museum in the world. The most famous pieces here are the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory. See the Egyptian antiquities, much of this was brought back by Napoleon’s army during his Egyptian campaign (1798-1801). The Louvre was originally a fortress and later became home to France’s royalty. Napoleon’s large and luxurious apartment has been kept intact, and it’s well worth a visit. See the Medieval Louvre – an underground walk around the original 12thcentury foundation of the Louvre itself. And wander the long and expansive corridors of the Renaissance paintings section.

Day 3 - Paris – Versailles

Visit the most famous jewel of France, Versailles Castle, well known as the Sun King's Estate. The palace of Versailles is one of the most visited French monument because of its architecture, its gardens and also because of its history. Located in the prosperous, leafy and bourgeoissuburb of Versailles, just outside Paris, the baroque chateau was the kingdom’s political capital and the seat of the royal court from 1682 until 1789.

Day 4 & 5 - Nice, sightseeing and attractions

Everyone loves Nice with its year-round sunshine and universal appeal. Take a two-hour Vieux Nice Baroque Tour or a themed tour such as art deco, neoclassical and belle-epoque Nice, and learn much moreabout the history and culture of this popular destination. Visit the Musee Matisse, about 2km north of the centre, and enjoy the fascinating assortment of works by Matisse. Hop on board the Train des Pignes that chugs between the mountains and the sea and is one of Provence’s most picturesque rides. It rises to 100km, with breathtaking views out to see. Head down to the Plage Publique des Ponchettes, Nice’s most popular beach, and swim in the warm clear blue Mediterranean sea. Try out one of Nice’s fabulous restaurant – La Table Alziari is run by the grandson of the famous Alziari olive oil family, and theday’s menu is always chalked on a blackboard..

Day 6 - Monaco, Montecarlo and Eze

Squeezed into just 200 hectares, this might be the world’s second-smallest country (the Vatican is smaller). Monaco Ville, also called Le Rocher, points skywards on a tall rock and overlooks the sea. Built as a fortress in the 13thcentury, the palace is now the private residence of the Grimaldis – see the changing of the guard there, it takes place daily at 11am. For a glimpse into royal life, tour the state apartments at the Palais due Prince. Enjoy the aristocratic atmosphere, the lavish furnishings, and the expensive 18th and 19th century art. Visit the ‘jewel in the Riviera crown’ – the rocky little village of Eze. It’s the medieval village itself that is the main attractions, with small higgledy-piggledy stone houses and winding lanes (and plenty of galleries and shops), and the mesmerising views of the coast. Get spiky in the Jardiz d’Eze, a cactus garden at the top of the village. You will also find the old castle ruins here – sit back and relax here and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view.

Day 7 - Depart

Breakfast at the hotelCheck-out from the hotel.

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